Faculty Directory


Eddie Martin, Principal

Tracy Foster, Assistant Principal  

Brian Keesee, Assistant Principal

Counseling Office

Andrea Dukes, Director of School Counseling

Amy Cash, School Counselor

Rebecca Jackson, Counseling Secretary

English Department

Chelanne Avonlea, 8th grade

Kim Briggs, 7th grade

Jeff Burgess, 6th grade

Samantha Dickerson, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

Robyn Greenstein, 6th grade

Kaitlin Harris, 7th grade

Heather Hartsook, 8th grade

Casey Henry, 8th grade

Tina Williams, 7th grade

Math Department

Alexis Arnett, 6th 

Meghan Austin, 8th grade

Lindsay Bass, 6th grade

Linda Edgemon, 7th

Mary Beth Grayson,  8th grade

Kelly Lloyd, 7th grade

Andrea Moore, 7th grade

Sarena Wellman,  8th grade

Science Department

Jennifer Adams, 8th grade

Justine Deets, 7th grade

Nick Lawrence, 6th grade

Eric Schools, 8th grade

Ashley Wheeler, 7th grade

Tracy Whitlow, 6th grade

Social Studies Department

Beverly Cole, 6th grade

Jana Hillman, 6th grade

Jennifer Heideman, 7th grade

Curt Irwin, 8th grade

David Mallory, 7th grade

Jackson Tomlin, 8th grade

PE Department

Josh Daniels, 7th and 8th grade

Dwayne Hamlette,  6th and 8th grade

Tanya Stinnett, 6th, 7th & 8th grade

Jill Whorley, 6th, 7th & 8th grade

Brian Viar, 6th & 7th grade


April Lamm, Library Media Specialist 


Mackenzie Carter, Chorus

Josh Detwiler, Band

Kelly  Dobbins, Career Exploration

Chris Dodge, STEM

Brooke Harding, Graphic Design & Art

Kathleen Perez, Spanish

Mackenzie Porter, Chorus

Rachel Shaw, Art

Kelly Spain, Career Exploration

Kendra Turner, French

LeAnn Young, Career Exploration

Special Education/ELL

Shayla Bonds, Special Education

Ashley Bright, English Language Learners

Katelyn Coghill, Special Education

Susan Comerford, Paraprofessional

Celia Cyrus, Paraprofessional

David Eubank, Special Education

Cynthia Everhart, Paraprofessional

Kristin John, Special Education

Sherry Johnson, Special Education

Paula Mack, Special Education

Terri Pultz, Special Education

Valerie Rose, Paraprofessional

Maria Swyhart, Paraprofessional

Support Staff

Tracy Moran, Main Office Secretary

Karen Novak, Office/Library Secretary

Calvin Privette, School Resource Officer

Julie Smith, School Nurse

Jeremy Wooldridge, In School Suspension

Terri Yearwood, Bookkeeper

Custodial Staff

Angie Arnold

Mary Bryant

Lawrence Gregory

Al Payne

Rodney Tanner

School Nutrition

Patti Anderson, Cafe Manager

Teresa Brown

Bonnie Johns