Athletic Director: Josh Daniels


Get your physical now to avoid delays and issues trying out and PLEASE make sure it's entirely filled out.

Important Note about physicals:

-The VHSL physical is good for 13 months... from May 1 of current year through June 30 of following year

-If you get a physical at this point (1/23/23) for open gyms taking place in the spring and summer (meaning you don't currently have one on file for this school year), that physical will run out June 30, 2023 and you will need to get a new one for the 23-24 school/sports year.

-If you have a physical currently on file for this school year, you are covered until June 30th when it runs out. Getting a physical after May 1, 2022 will cover you for the entire school/sports season for the 2023-2024 school year.

-This is always an issue as most insurances only cover one physical in a calendar year, so to avoid having to pay additional costs when insurance won't cover, plan your physicals accordingly.

-There are several walk in clinics that will do physicals for a flat cost as they don't file through insurance for that reason.

-If you have any questions in regards to your childs physical, don't hesitate to contanct the school's Athletic Director.

Those interested in BMS athletics: VHSL has updated their physical form. Old forms will not be accepted. New forms can be downloaded here and must be used for the 2021-2022 sports seasons


Please look over sports physical forms and fill them out entirely.
All signature lines need to be signed, Doctor must sign page 3, and Page 4 is most often overlooked and left blank.

The insurance information on Page 4 is important should something happen to your child in a sporting event and you're not there at the game, Please don't leave that blank.

We do not need school entrance forms or immunization records for athletics. The newest form from VHSL is the only accepted physical form we can use. If it's not on that form, it will not and can not be accepted.

Forms can be found here

If you have any questions, please reach out to Josh Daniels, the BMS Athletic Director.