B-team Football workouts

Every Tuesday and Thursday the month of June from 6-7:30

MUST have valid VHSL physical in order to participate

SPORTS PHYSICALS  for 2024-2025 school year

See the attached flyer if your child is interested in trying out for school sports next school year as all that tryout are required to have a VHSL sports physical.

These are low cost $25 and not run through your insurance. Payment due at time of service

You must fill out the parent and patient sections of the VHSL form PRIOR to the event.

VHSL physical forms can be found at 

Click "forms" in the blue header, then look for "Physical Forms"

There will be no JV practice for track and field this Wednesday (4/10) or Friday (4/12). Athletes can reach out to Coach Johnson for more information. 

Outdoor Track and Field:

Parents meeting will be Friday, March 22 at 6 pm in the high school cafeteria. For more information, please reach out to Coach Johnson. 

There will be a meeting on Tuesday March 26th at 6pm in the BMS forum for those interested in playing B-team football in the fall of 2024.

The meeting is for rising 7th and 8th graders (current 6th and 7th graders) and their parents.

You will be meeting the new B-team coaching staff and go over important dates and opportunities leading up to the season.

Please plan on attending if you are interested in playing this fall.

Adjustments in practices today (3/6/24) because of weather:

B-team Baseball- 5:30-6:30 at BHS

B-team Softball- cancelled

B-team girls soccer- cancelled

B-team boys soccer- BMS gym 5:00-6:30

JV Softball- Cancelled

JV Baseball- 3-4:15 BHS gym

JV girls soccer- cancelled

JV boys soccer- high school cafeteria right after school 

Change in practice times and locations for 2/28/24

B-team Softball- cancelled, parent meeting at 6 at BHS

B-team Baseball- 6 at BHS

B-team Girls Soccer- BMS Aux gym after school until 5:00

B-team Boys Soccer- Parent meeting at 6

Change in Practice Times and Locations for today 2/27/24 due  to weather:

B-team baseball- old gym at HS 6:15-7:15

B-team softball is cancelled for today

B-team boys soccer- Middle school gym 5-6:30

B-team girls soccer- Middle School aux gym right after school until 5:00

JV softball- Old gym at HS 3-4:15

JV baseball- Old gym at HS 4:15-5:15

JV boys soccer- Middle school gym right after school until 

JV girls soccer- cancelled today

Practice Times and Locations for today  2/23/24:

B-team sports:

-Softball- Canceled for today

-Baseball- 5:30 in the gym at the high school

-Girls Soccer- Canceled for today

-Boys soccer- BMS gym after school until 5

8th graders on JV Sports:

-Boys soccer- canceled for today

-Girls soccer- canceled for today

-Baseball- high school gym after school until 4:15

-Softball- Softball field right after school until normal time

Tryout information for Spring Sports:

*Only those who were completely screened will be permitted to tryout.  Coaches will be given a list of names of who is allowed to be at tryouts based off the screening process.  Any student who shows that wasn't screened or didn't complete the screening process will be asked to leave.  (signed the sign up sheet, sports physical, concussion baseline test, and academic check)

-Softball- 2/21, 2/22, and 2/23 from 5-7:30 on the softball field 

-Boys Soccer- 2/21, 2/22,  and 2/23 from 3:15- 5/5:30.  

     2/21 on the BMS field

     2/22 and 2/23 at BHS

-Girls Soccer- 2/22 and 2/23 from 3:15-5:00 on the BMS field

-Baseball- 2/21 , 2/22, and 2/23 from 6-8 at the high school field

*all dates, times, locations are subject to change based on the weather.  In the event of bad weather, updated information on tryouts will be posted here

Conditioning for Girls Soccer

February 6, 8,12, & 14

After school until 4:30, meet in the girls health room when called for over the PA (Stay in 8th period until called for)

Only those who have turned in a physical may attend

-Baseball open gym this Saturday (2/3/24) at BHS at noon.  Conditioning will take place on the field, not in the old gym.  Please enter through the BEE DR access to the baseball facility as there will be region wrestling taking place at the high school

Interest meeting Tuesday 1/10 at 8am on the rock floor for those interested in Boys soccer in the spring

There will be an interest meeting on Wednesday January 24th at 8am on the rock floor to discuss conditionings and review procedures to be able to tryout.  Boys 6-8th are welcome to attend

Due to school dismissing early today (1/9/24) due to inclement weather this afternoon, there will be no concussion baseline testing today.  If your child was signed up to test today and their form was already turned in you should have received and email from the Athletic Director to reschedule.

There was a spring sports signup emailed out to students before Thanksgiving.  Students that want to tryout for a spring sport MUST fill out the signup sheet, must have a VHSL sports physical, need a concussion baseline test if they don't have a valid test currently, and must be academically eligible.   Your child can visit with the athletic director anytime during the school day if they have any questions about any of the above information.  Currently there are several students that have signed the signup sheet but are missing physicals and are in need of concussion baseline testing.   All requirements must be taken care of before tryouts.  Any missing criteria will result in not being able to tryout.

On the day of tryouts, the coach will receive a list of eligible participants and will take attendance based off that list.  Anyone not on the list will be sent home as they are not permitted to tryout because the either didn't fill out the signup sheet to be screened, or they were screened and deemed ineligible based of the criteria mentioned above.

Girls Soccer interest meeting at 8am on the rock floor Friday 1/12/24 to meet with the coach and find out about preseason workouts and other information to be eligible for tryouts

Softball interest meeting at 8am on the rock floor Thursday 1/11/24 to meet with the coach and find out about preseason workouts and other information to be eligible for tryouts

-Spring sports: Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Track and Field

-Tryouts are tentatively set to start February 21st, time TBD.  More information to come when the time gets closer.

-Instead of putting up a physical signup sheet outside the boys health room, there will be a digital signup sheet sent out to students via email before Thanksgiving Break.  If interested in trying out,   this google form must be filled out by the student by the end of January.

-Once students sign the signup sheet, the Athletic Director will start verifying the names on the list to see if they are eligible to tryout.

-In order to tryout, students must have:

A  VHSL sports physical on file

A Valid concussion baseline test

And be Academically eligible 

-The VHSL physical must be fully filled out...  4 pages with signature lines, the doctors page with Dr. signature and date, all of page 4

-A physical must be on file before students can request a permission form to stay after school on the following dates to concussion baseline test if needed.   12/12/23,   (1/9/24 school closed early for bad weather, session canceled),  1/17/24,   1/30/24,   2/6/24,   2/13/24

-Students that need to test:

   -6th & 7th graders who have not tested this school year already

   -8th graders new to BMS or didn't test for a sport last year or this year

-School policy on academic eligibility for student athletic participation is they must not have failed more than one class from the previous 9 weeks.  Academic Checks for eligibility for spring sports will occur after January 17th when the 2nd 9 weeks grading period ends.

-On the day of tryouts, the coach will receive a list of names from the Athletic Director off the sign up sheets of who is eligible to tryout.  If a child's name isn't on that list, then they are not permitted to try out because any combination of the three criteria weren't met or because they didn't fill out the sign up sheet to be cleared.

There will be a parent meeting for parents of those that made Boys B-team Basketball Wednesday Nov. 15th at 6:15pm .
Report to Door 19 Gymnasium entrance for meeting location.

Meeting Monday 10/30 at 8am for 8th grade girls trying out for girls basketball on the rock floor

There will be no more softball open fields/conditioning until announced again after Thanksgiving.

Boys soccer interest meeting

Oct. 4 at 8AM on Rock floor with Coach Bradshaw

Open to all 6, 7, 8th grade boys

-There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday 9/26 at 2pm on the rock floor for those 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys interested in trying out for basketball.

-Open gyms will be on Thursdays starting 9/28 from 7:30-8:30pm in the BMS gym.

Once Volleyball season ends on 10/18 the time will move up to 5:30-6:30pm.  At that time, another day of open gyms during the week may be added.

-Students need to have a VHSL physical (properly and fully filled out) in order to attend open gyms

-Students need to sign the sign up sheet and see the Athletic Director about concussion baseline testing prior to tryouts.

-Of the students that have already signed the sheet, 30+ are in need of concussion baseline testing and haven't seen the Athletic Director to arrange their test.

-Concussion baseline tests will be held on 10/10, 10/17, 10/25, and 11/1 after school and students need a permission slip signed by a parent in order to stay after and test on one of those dates.

-B-team Basketball tryouts for both boys and girls basketball (in grades 6-8) will be November 8-9 (10th if needed)

-Students must sign up in advance so that academic checks, physicals, and concussion baseline status can be verified prior to tryouts.  The last day to sign up for this verification process is Friday Nov 3.  The Sign up sheet will be located in the gym hallway near the boys health room.  

-The Basketball coach will receive a list of all names that signed up and have been vetted and cleared.  If their name isn't on that list, they can not tryout.

-To be cleared they need:

     - a valid VHSL physical properly and fully filled out

     -a valid concussion baseline 

     -Academically eligible (no more than 1 failing grade from the previous 9 weeks)

-Students needing concussion baseline testing for basketball...  there will be several sessions between now and the start of tryouts. Students need to see the Athletic Director to get a permission form to be signed by parent in order to stay after on one of the following dates to complete their concussion baseline test





*If the test result comes back invalid, they will need to test again on a different one of those dates.

Students will stay after school and report to the health room to test.  The test is approximately 45 mins using their school laptop and they need a ride available at 3:45 to pick them up.

Students needing to take baseline concussion testing:

     -All 6th graders unless they concussion baseline tested for a fall sport this 23-24 school year

     -All 7th graders unless they concussion baseline tested for a fall sport this 23-24 school year (even if they were valid last year as a 6th grader who played a sport and baseline tested)

     -Any 8th grader new to BMS or who didn't play/concussion test last 22-23 school year

Click on the link above and look at the dates on the far left side to find the correct week.