PE Department

Covid-19 notice:

All mask/social distancing/sanitation guidelines are in accordance with the Virginia Department of Education, Campbell County Public School system, Brookville Middle School, Virginia Health Department, Center of Disease Control (CDC) and Governor mandates/policies and MUST be followed at all times.

Required Course Materials:
-Acceptable Footwear for PE (Tennis shoes.  Not boots, crocs, sandals, slides, flip flops, etc)
     *NO use of locker rooms due to Covid-19 
-Student issued laptops 
-PLASTIC Water bottle (water fountains are off limits other than to fill up water bottles)
-Face Mask

*Health is an on-line course using Virtual Virginia 
     (ALL students grades 6-8 are required to complete on-line modules)
*PE is an elective course for students who attend school in person
    ALL students (Virtual and non-virtual) are still highly encouraged to stay physically active and get at least 60 minutes of activity a day and/or 10,000 steps a day

6th grade Health and PE:   
Mrs. Young
Mr. Viar

7th grade Health and PE:
Mrs. Stinnett
Mr. Anderson

8th grade Health and PE:
Mrs. Whorley
Mr. Daniels