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Elective Courses

Art - Click here to access the BMS Art Website.


  1. Beginning Band: No musical experience is necessary and it's open to students in grades 6 and 7.
  2. Intermediate Band: Must have completed Band 6 or have director approval to enroll.
  3. 8th Grade Band: Students must have completed beginning band AND intermediate band, OR have director's approval to enroll. This group is the top instrumental ensemble at BMS. The group performs more challenging and rewarding literature and is featured last at every concert, as well as traveling to additional concerts
  1. Beginning/Intermediate Chorus: No musical experience necessary and it's open to students in grades 6 and 7.  If you would like to audition for a more selective ensemble, this will be an option at a later date.


* Denotes that if a student takes this course in grade 6, they will not be able to re-enroll in it in grade 7.

Office Worker- 7th graders ONLY.  Students must have exemplary attendance and be trustworthy.  Limited positions available in the main office, counseling office, and library.

Yearbook- 7th graders ONLY.  Students are required to submit an application online.  Limited positions available.

8th grade Elective Courses:

Foreign Languages:
  1. Latin 1* HS credit (Counselor approval)
  2. French 1* HS credit (Counselor approval)
  3. Spanish 1* HS credit (Counselor approval)

Computer Applications *  Class is designed to  develop keyboarding skills and Microsoft Office PowerPoint Certification.

Yearbook* An application is required.  Students selected will work as a team to produce the 2016-17 yearbook.  Students must be dependable and willing to work hard to meet deadlines.

Basic Technical Drawing * This is a perfect class for students interested in architecture, construction, or engineering career fields.  Learn the CAD program.

Office Worker- Students selected as office workers will help run errands and perform office duties in the Main Office, Counseling Office, or Library.  (Limited number of positions available)

Bee Buddy- Students selected as Bee Buddies help our special needs students.  These students need to be kind, compassionate, sensitive to differences, and want to help fellow students.  An application is required and will be available at a later date.  (Limited number of positions available)

* Denotes a course offered for high school credit.