Electives - 8th Grade

Meet the Elective Teachers!

Foreign Languages:
  1. Latin 1* HS credit (Counselor approval)
  2. French 1* HS credit (Counselor approval)
  3. Spanish 1* HS credit (Counselor approval) 
Band - Students must have completed beginning band AND intermediate band, OR have director's approval to enroll. This group is the top instrumental ensemble at BMS. The group performs more challenging and rewarding literature and is featured last at every concert, as well as traveling to additional concerts.

Chorus - No musical experience necessary.   The Director will place students. 

Life Readiness Skills - Students will learn skills to assist them in preparing for life after K-12 education.  Typing and proper communication skills will be a part of this course.

Coding & Robotics - This class will use coding skills to program robots to move and complete tasks.

Yearbook* An application is required.  Students selected will work as a team to produce the 2016-17 yearbook.  Students must be dependable and willing to work hard to meet deadlines.

Office Worker- Students selected as office workers will help run errands and perform office duties in the Main Office, Counseling Office, or Library.  (Limited number of positions available)

Bee Buddy- Students selected as Bee Buddies help our special needs students.  These students need to be kind, compassionate, sensitive to differences, and want to help fellow students.  An application is required and will be available at a later date.  (Limited number of positions available)

Clinic Helper - Students selected as Clinic Workers will assist the nurse in the clinic to run errands and other duties.  Students.  (Limited number of positions available and students must apply.)   

* Denotes a course offered for high school credit.